Homeowner association board members volunteer their time and do not have all the necessary resources to properly respond to your association needs or issues.  That is why MGM actively partners with associations who want to keep their membership dues down, ensure financial stability and reduce a board member's and your membership's exposure to risk.

    MGM provides a full compliment of professional management tools that range from  collecting  membership dues to enforcing your membership's covenants.

    Basic Service Plan utilizes a web-based, HOA-specific software program that keep homeowner accounts confidential and eliminates many of the uncomfortable face-to-face encounters with residences who neglect to pay their dues.  Whether you have a small or large subdivision, every resident will receive the benefits of an encrypted, online accounting program that automates all financial transactions, provides accessibility from any computer or mobile device, and real-time, transparency of your HOA financial records.  Documents such as photos, event calendars, videos, Excel spreadsheets, flyers or newsletters can be uploaded and easily emailed to every homeowner, opening up many possibilities to increase communication and neighbor engagement. 

    Premium Service Plan contains a full complement of services, including all the online financial and communication features described above, to help support and assist board members to ensure the correct functioning of their association.  MGM provides expertise in governing communities through enforcement processes that have proven higher collection and compliance rates.  The Premium Service Plan can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your board or the homeowner association, provides every subdivision a specific and secured login, the enhanced ability of every board member to access all HOA documents at any time and to provide approval for decisions, even while vacationing, using our e-signature service through their phones.  Image what would happen to your monthly HOA meeting attendance if you could send notices via text messages.

    The possibilities for your community are enormous and will positively impact your membership.


    Feeling frustrated with your ability to collect membership dues or to get your homeowners to comply with your membership's covenants?  Perhaps, as a homeowner, you feel your board is mis-managing your association or not allowing you access to your association's financial records?  Have you ever wondered where all the membership money goes?  Is your board fostering a neighborhood culture that engages your neighbors or one that causes disenchantment?  

    These are good questions to ask your board, or even, your current management company.

    MGM supports homeowner associations, like yours, to understand that a properly functioning HOA results in higher property values and a greater sense of community.  MGM's style of management is customized to each association and to every board, rather than putting your subdivision into a cookie cutter mold with little control over your neighborhood.  By developing relationships and listening to our homeowners, MGM pinpoints underlining operational challenges before they occur, which helps your board to manage more efficiently and, more importantly, helps to create a thriving neighborhood.  A thriving subdivision means that neighbors are taking their HOA membership seriously.

    Since 1999, our focus has always been to provide exceptional association management service, expertise and accountability.  If you feel your subdivision is struggling or needs assistance, call us right now.

    Characteristics of a Successful Board Member

    Characteristics of a Successful Board Member
    Unique personal skills are essential for the success of any homeowner's association.
    Release Date: 2/19/2017

    Homeowner Association Affects Your Home's Value

    Homeowner Association Affects Your Home's Value
    There is a strong correlation between a Board's management style and your home's value.
    Release Date: 2/13/2017

    Web-Based HOA Management

    Web-Based HOA Management
    Plugging your HOA online; homeowners call for transperancy. 
    Release Date: 1/29/2017

    County Snow Removal Plans

    County Snow Removal Plans

    What ACHD has planned.

    What is your HOA planning?

    Release Date: 1/5/2017

    How to manage your HOA online

    How to manage your HOA online

    Access your HOA personal account on your phone.

    Release Date: 1/4/2017

    MGM to provide new Board member training

    MGM to provide new Board member training

    Unfamiliar with neighborhood management?  This free training is open to the public. 

    Release Date: 12/28/2016

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