5 Reasons Your HOA Board and The Homeowners are Disconnected

The success of a homeowner’s association is based on the membership and its board working in harmony.  If the community is not taken care of, it will affect property values, decrease the quality of living and create a disenchanted membership.  Is your board guilty of one of the 5 reasons below?

  1. Poor Communication

It’s up to the board to inform homeowners, but it’s also up to the homeowners to be informed.  A homeowner is responsible to understand their governing documents and to attend their HOA board meetings.  If they don’t like the way things are going, then they can speak up.  Board members need to engage with their membership, be clear on their actions and purposely foster a positive culture.  Both parties should feel there is an open line of communication.

  1. Failing to find the best solution for the collective HOA

When homeowners decide to come to meetings and speak up, a boards needs to listen to what they have to say, and should, in fact, feel obligated to hear everyone express their opinion. Board members were elected to represent their community and should act as stewards on behalf of the entire membership. It is their job to listen, ask questions and keep the membership informed. This involves understanding the issues, answering questions, and if no one has the answer to a question, getting back to the homeowners in a timely manner.  With personal agendas aside, the Board must make decisions for the greater good of the association.

  1. Not representing Well

Board members must be proactive and must be purposeful to make positive contacts in the community and encourage homeowners to get involved. This can be done simply by talking with members at the mailbox, while on a walk in the HOA, by the pool or in the clubhouse.  Ask them how they like living in the association and if there’s anything they’d change. You could also email member surveys asking about living in the HOA. The board isn’t responsible for how people respond, but they are responsible for how they are communicating within the membership.

  1. Being an “unknown” board

If board members just sit around and don’t do anything, then they’re creating the perception that they don’t care, are complacent and not in touch, which also means they may not be taking action and ignoring important issues.  Or, as many board members do, feel it is their duty to collect dues or call out violators.  When a board member confronts a neighbor for not paying dues or for violating a rule, the result can be very damaging and can quickly sour the association’s culture.  These two behaviors are ineffective at building a positive environment.

  1. Being an overbearing board

Being hardheaded and failing to consider the points of view of homeowners is a red flag. Unfortunately, there are board members who seek power and control, or pursue the position to resolve a personal agenda.  They can be mean and bully the membership, and these individuals do more harm than good.  A homeowner has just as much right as a board member to be treated with respect.

Hiring an HOA Manager Can Bridge the Gap
The first step to repair a negative culture is a board has to admit it needs help.  An HOA manager can help the board find ways to foster a positive culture.  By removing the board from collecting dues or from being the enforcer, a manager can divert the negative attention away from the board.  Managers can also automate all the business functions that gobble up a board’s time. Today’s HOAs are dynamic, their memberships seek information, and they utilize available resources.  Boards are less involved in the day-to-day functions and see the benefits of being better leaders to their communities.For more information on HOA management, contact MGM Management at (208) 846-9189 or visit www.gomgm.com.

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