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International Community Association Managers Day #WeAreCAI


RULE ENFORCEMENT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT ASPECT OF A HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION   Your Homeowner’s Association Board has a duty to reasonably enforce the covenants and rules, and to avoid risking liability to the Board, its committee members, or to the entire association.  At the same time, Board members are residents of the association, live there,


                                                                              HOA ENFORCEMENT GUIDELINES     MGM Association Management’s goal is to support an HOA Board of Directors

When HOAs Lack a Formal Collections Policy

When HOAs have no formal procedure in place, most Board members are too quick to shout for legal action, while others drag their heels to avoid confrontation with neighbors. Poorly written collection procedures result in a higher percentage of those who don’t pay and divert the Board’s attention away from issues that affect their community.

5 Reasons Your HOA Board and The Homeowners are Disconnected

The success of a homeowner’s association is based on the membership and its board working in harmony.  If the community is not taken care of, it will affect property values, decrease the quality of living and create a disenchanted membership.  Is your board guilty of one of the 5 reasons below? Poor Communication It’s up

What You Should Know Before You Buy

Community associations exist because they offer choices, lifestyles, amenities and efficiencies that people value. Yet, with all of their inherent advantages, community associations face complicated issues, none more common than the challenge of balancing the rights of the individual homeowner with those of the community as a whole. Issues often arise because of false expectations,

Community Association Governance

Tip O’Neill, longtime Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, coined the phrase “All politics is local.” He wasn’t speaking of community associations rights, but he could have been. There’s nothing more local and, therefore, more accountable than those elected by their neighbors to the governing boards of homeowner associations, condominiums and cooperatives. Virtually every

You Have Certain Rights & Responsibilities as a Member of Your HOA

As a homeowner in your Idaho association, you have certain rights – and responsibilities You have the right to… A responsive and competent association and its Board. Honest, fair, and respectful treatment by Board leaders and managers. Attend meetings, serve on committees, and run for election. Access to appropriate association records. Prudent financial management of

Collecting Association Assessments

Procedures for collecting overdue assessments differ from one community association to the next depending on established procedures, governing documents, and local and state statutes. In addition to being reasonable and consistent, CAI recommends the following procedures for collecting delinquent assessments:   Begin collection actions early while the outstanding amount is manageable. Take an incremental approach.

ZOOM Seminar for HOA Board Members

February’s topic will cover what homeowners expect out of their HOA. Participants will learn how to communicate with your membership to get the maximum engagement out of your community. If you are a HOA Board member and you are seeking to gain insight and knowledge to meet and exceed the expectations of your membership, this