HOA Service List

List of HOA Services

  1. Organize Annual Meeting of Owners and special meetings of owners including the preparation of notices, agendas, and other necessary documents.
  1. Assist in administration of the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, rules and policies of the Association (the “Governing Documents”).
  1. Retain all records of the affairs of the Association and the Board (including the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, rules and regulations, policies, Minutes of meetings, copies of contracts, etc. as provided by the board) and retain all documents in the association office. All such records shall belong to the Association.
  1. Keep register of Owners, Officers and Directors; make those registers available to the directors of the Homeowner’s Association.
  1. Attend to necessary correspondence.
  1. Coordinate all bids for services, maintenance, insurance, etc.
  1. Prepare a recommended annual budget.
  1. Bill and account for annual assessments (dues) to Owners.
  1. Maintain all account receivables and account payables.
  1. Maintain banking accounts, including checking and others, as directed by the Board and in the name of the Association. Each account will be maintained separate and apart from all other accounts of Agent and the amounts will not be commingled with any other funds controlled by Agent.
  1. Provide other banking and account receivables/account payables services as provided in the budget. All expenditures not budgeted shall be made only with the approval of the Board.
  1. Respond to Title Companies with information regarding seller’s dues and set-up/transfer fees payments.
  1. Furnish financial statements prepared on a monthly basis or, as requested by the Board, provide other financial information to the Board.
  1. Provide accountant with all information necessary to file corporate taxes.
  1. Send all owner information to the Association Attorney for legal action with the approval of the Board.
  1. Assist with Small Claims actions where dues are delinquent with the approval of the Board.
  1. Negotiate and execute contracts for insurance, landscaping, improvements and other such contracts as directed by the Board of Directors.
  1. Review maintenance needs with the Board and contractors to determine reserves and replacement needs.
  1. Maintain files for subcontractor’s insurance, certification, licenses, etc.
  1. Provide regular on-site inspections of residential properties. (6 annually)
  1. Covenant administration is under the control and direction of the Board. Agent will provide the degree of flexibility or strictness that the Board directs.
  1. Monitor performance of businesses that contract with the Association.
  1. Maintain general knowledge of Association governing documents, including the CCRs, By-laws and Articles of Incorporation.
  1. Record and provide notice of violations of covenants to the Board of Directors.
  1. Notify homeowners of violations (sent to addresses of record).
  1. Work with the Board and, if necessary, the Association’s Attorney, where compliance is not achieved voluntarily.
  1. If the Board of Directors desires, Agent will publish a quarterly newsletter if the information is provided to MGM Association Management. The Board will dictate distribution.
  1. Agent will provide 24-hour telephone voicemail service. Agent will respond to irrigation emergency calls 24/7 during the irrigation season.
  1. Agent will provide an email address for all homeowners to be able to contact the Board. This email address will be on every correspondence to homeowners.
  2. Agent will provide web-site maintenance and most any desired information for the Association will be posted by the Board’s instructions.
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HOA Plan Comparison

“Before MGM, the Willow Creek HOA had serious trouble collecting dues and enforcing covenants. Board members were becoming overworked and burned out. MGM took over the day to day activities of accounting, collections and covenant enforcement significantly reducing the amount of work required by board members. MGM provides a monthly packet of all their work for the board members to review and make any changes. In simple terms, the board members become a ship captain and MGM provides the crew. MGM has made being a board member very simple, which makes it easier to find volunteers to serve.”

Willow Creek HOA Board Members
Board Member, Willow Creek

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