MGM Association Management


  • Hi Sue, sorry for the delay in responding. I have inform Mike of MGM. Please let me know the outcome. I suspect this will have to go before your Board, who will then get bids. These kind of things should be spelled out in your CCRs and the Board should have money set aside, maybe not. You can also call directly, 208-846-9189.

  • Richard Caspary

    why is the home on the corner of Judy St and Hazen not finishing there yd. just all hi weeds and dirt. I thought we had a certain amount of time to complete these outside items. they have all the time to go camping every two weeks with there rv but don’t attend to there yd. on another note our water stinks and Ammon water dept says it a bad rod in the waterheaters they installed in these homes. should we start a petition to get something done. Really need some answers

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