Live ‘ZOOM’ Event: Keep Your HOA Simple

Does your HOA seem to be more complex than it needs to be?  You are not alone, and this is a more common situation than you think.  Michael Madson, president-elect of Idaho’s Community Association Institute Chapter and founder of MGM, will be hosting a live ZOOM discussion on how to make governing a homeowner’s association simple and less complex.  Mike hosts topical presentations every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm MST.

If you are an HOA Board member or a resident who lives in a homeowner’s association, learn the proven techniques that will keep your HOA from spiraling out of control.  At this free, ZOOM seminar, you will gain insight and knowledge on how to manage your membership so that it doesn’t put you in uncomfortable situations with neighbors or make more of running an HOA more than it has to be.

Logging into ZOOM is easy:

On your browser, type ZOOM.COM and join a meeting with this meeting code 89025604444,  or enter this link (, find ‘Join the meeting’ which is located at the top as a tab, and then, add the meeting ID: 890 2560 4444

September’s topic will cover best practices of HOA management and dispel the myths commonly associated with HOAs. This seminar is great for Q&A or just to listen and focuses on a Board member’s role and their expectations on how to govern their membership.

Homeowners, at times, are misinformed and disenchanted with their HOA, and many Board members lack the skills to effectively govern and engage their community.  Effective leadership provides better compliance and less enforcement.  In addition, leading your membership correctly affects your community’s culture in positive way.  With over 21 years of management experience to draw upon, participants will learn the necessary skills and techniques to reduce potential liability risks, how to engage homeowners in a positive way and how to create thriving neighborhoods.

MGM Association Management is an Idaho-based company with offices in Meridian, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.  MGM manages over 130 HOAs and approximately 16,000 residences.  They provide a simple HOA accounting tool specifically designed for self-managed associations, so that they can continue to self-manage, and a full-service plan that manages all the heavy lifting under the direction of the Board.  For more information, contact MGM at (208) 846-9189 or visit