Making a Difference in Your Idaho HOA

Is it possible to make a difference in your Idaho HOA?  The success of your HOA depends upon support from the residences, you and its membership. By participating in your homeowners association, you give back to the community where you live, making your neighborhood a better place to live–for you and for everyone.  The collective goal of any HOA should be to actively create a culture within their community.  To accomplish this, the HOA should pursue effective leadership, engaging communication between neighbors and involving homeowners in activities that promote neighborly values.

Getting involved in your HOA is also a good way to meet new people and make friends!  According to a recent report by the Community Association Institute (CAI), a national organization that tracks the pros and cons of association living, suggests that community engagement may increase property values by as such as 10 to 15%!  Homeowners, who get involved, display greater loyalty to their communities, adhere to and often rise above their community rules to keep their properties looking nice, and are friendlier and more open with neighbors. 

Here are some ways that you can become involved with your HOA:

  • Communicate and participate in your homeowner’s association. HOA Boards are made up of volunteers from your neighborhood and often are stretched thin.  They may be busy with the multiple governing duties that result in less time to effectively reach out to their association.  With mobile devices, email notifications, newsletters, posters or fliers, there are many avenues for getting the word out.  The majority of homeowners are hungry to engage in their association, but lack the time to explore or to utilize all the communication options can significantly impact the growth of the association.
  • Join the Board. This is a time commitment, yes, but it also allows you to communicate the direction of your association’s culture and actively discover those who can champion your vision.  As a result, you would be able to directly influence your association’s culture.
  • Start coming to meetings. Don’t have enough time to join the Board? You can still attend meetings and make your voice heard.  In fact, anyone who has drive or the passion for communication would accelerate their community’s vision and add immediate value.
  • Volunteer your time. Maybe your HOA already puts out a monthly newsletter or organizes an annual get-together for all the homeowners. You can inquire about volunteer opportunities when you attend the monthly meetings.  Even if you have only an hour a month, you can probably help deliver the newsletter or help set up for one of the regular meetings.
  • Smile and say hello. Perhaps the most under-rated and value-added behavior that every homeowner can do is smile.  An unsolicited smile or a quick wave hello acknowledges people, and especially if directed toward your neighbors.  A smile tells them that you are grateful for them as a neighbor, and this simple gesture can go a long way in opening communication. 

Looking to up your association with effective communication tools and resources?  Contact MGM Association Management.  They have offices in Meridian and Idaho Falls and have been mentoring Idaho communities for over 20 years, and have proven communication tools that are plug-n-play and easy to implement.   Having consistent avenues to reach out to your association are good activities to instill into your community’s culture.  If you’re open to the idea of an insured, association professional mentoring the charge to a more thriving community, contact MGM immediately at (208) 846-9189 or visit