Mike Madson, CMCA and president of MGM Association Management, announced today, that MGM and CBH Homes have signed an agreement to provide management services to their newest subdivision, Peregrine Estates.   MGM specializes in community interest developments and provides basic financial services to complete, full-service, management.

Peregrine Estates is a brand new subdivision for home-buyers looking for a country feel just past the city landscape.  It will be completed in 6 phases and is located in Caldwell, Idaho and directly across the street from Lakevue Elementary School, shopping, dining and Lake Lowell.  A spokesperson for CBH Homes said, “We are excited to work with MGM Association Management, as they have the necessary leadership skills to help during this transitioning process.  MGM provides the necessary support and assistance that is consistent with CBH’s values, and they will allow our homeowners and future Board members to thrive.”

According to MGM’s president, Mike Madson, “Our commitment for the past two decades has been to provide our neighborhoods the foundation for a strong community.  We operate seamlessly with each HOA and run cost-effective financial services, with the intention to let Board members run their subdivision without distractions.  Because Board positions are voluntary, our expertise allows them to concentrate on more relevant issues regarding property valuation and maintenance of their communities.  Our Board members find they spend less time on balancing books and chasing dues.”

Corey Barton Homes is the #1 home-builder in Idaho and was recently named one of the “Best Places to Work” in Idaho and 10th in the Nation for productivity.  In 2016, CBH Homes received a bronze award from the National Housing Quality Award, the top award for quality management in home building.  The crews at CBH are dedicated and enthusiastic. It’s obvious that they not only work hard, play hard, but they love what they do.  CBH Homes roots for their homeowners every step of the way to help them create their dream home.

MGM Association Management is the largest community interest development service in the State of Idaho.  They differentiate themselves by providing a software program called, Village Management Services, VMS.  VMS is the heart of every HOA and customizes their accounting programs to providing complete financial management.  MGM also provides full-service management to subdivisions, neighborhoods, townhouses, condominiums, as well as to homeowner associations.

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