Michael Madson, CMCA and president of MGM Association Management, announced today, that MGM and the Cherry Creek Townhome Association, located in Ammon, Idaho, have signed an agreement to provide full management services.  MGM specializes in association management and provides services that range from a basic, DIY, online accounting program to a comprehensive management package.

Cherry Creek subdivision is a 36 townhouse community that is located on the northeast side of Ammon off First Street.  This is an established community with common areas, sidewalks and community playground. 

MGM has a strong community centric focus and the services they provide ads a level of transparency atypical with other association managers.  MGM has an unparalleled approach in supporting homeowners and their Boards.  Their presence will allow the Board to focus more on issues that will help their subdivision to thrive.

According to MGM’s President, Michael Madson, “MGM continues to focus on the concerns that face today’s HOAs.  Our objective is greater transparency.  With the power of the Internet, our homeowners have the ability to access their HOA activities and financial reports, 24/7.  We utilize today’s smart phone technology which has significantly increased homeowner engagement.  MGM’s purpose is to allow our Board members to concentrate on issues regarding property valuation and maintenance of their communities, and spend less time on balancing books or chasing homeowner dues.”

MGM Association Management is the largest association management service covering the western United States, and proudly serves the entire state of Idaho for the past two decades.  With offices in Meridian, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls, MGM differentiates itself by providing affordable, web-based, accounting solutions and complete management. 

For more information regarding HOA services call (208) 846-9189 or visit MGM Association Management at