Mike Madson, CMCA and founder of MGM Association Management, announced today, that MGM and Oakwood Estates subdivision located in Meridian, Idaho have signed an agreement to provide full management services for their homeowner’s association.  MGM Association Management specializes in HOA services and provides basic business functions to customized, full-service packages.

Oakwood Estates is a new development and is located off Meridian Road between Amity Road and Victory Road.  Oakwood provides a peaceful, modern atmosphere to residents while also being close to all of the urban amenities that Meridian has to offer. 

“We are excited to partner with Oakwood, as it is a model subdivision and we will be able to help them build a thriving community,” according to Mr. Madson.  “MGM aligns with their objective to allow their Board members more time to focus on community issues rather than to be bogged down with time consuming administrative tasks.  This will off load these tasks and help their subdivision grow.”

According to MGM’s founder, Mike Madson, “MGM is committed to provide seamless and cost-effective accounting services, expertise on cost containment and subdivision maintenance.  As homeowner association Boards are voluntary, providing our expertise will allow Board members to concentrate on issues regarding property valuation and maintenance of their communities.  Board members find they spend less time on balancing books and chasing dues.”

MGM is the largest and most trusted association management service covering the State of Idaho with offices in Meridian, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.  Proudly serving Idaho for the past 21 years, MGM differentiates itself by providing exceptional customer service. 

MGM Association Management incorporates the web into their service programs, which can easily provide a suite of management tools for any Board.  By utilizing the internet, all business functions are automated and accessible by their Board, homeowners can pay their dues online and have access to private accounts; all residences can receive HOA newsletters or correspond about upcoming HOA events; or even receive email notifications regarding late payments or access to their CC&Rs.  Online management allows members instant, transparent and quicker access to HOA information.

For more information regarding HOA management or to reach MGM, call (208) 846-9189 or visit