Taking Steps To Prevent Crime In Your Association

Everyone wants a safe place to call home, and MGM Association Management strives to make all Idaho residents feel secure.  While we’re diligent in our efforts to reduce danger in our community, we can’t do it alone.  It’s up to everyone to keep crime rates down.  A few simple steps can go a long way to keep theft, vandalism and other felonies and misdemeanors out of our communities.

Know Your Neighbors.  And not just the neighbors on your block; get to know the people from all parts of your association.  Trying attending at least one association meeting.  Introduce yourself and find out who lives, and who belongs, here.

Leave the Light On.  A good way to deter a break in is to leave your front porch light on all night, even when you’re out of town.  Not only does it signal that someone’s home, it makes it harder for vandals to hide.  Purchase a timer that turns the lights off each day.  Please report any burned out street lights to MGM.

Lock Up.  If you want to keep unwanted guests out, don’t make your home inviting.  If you receive newspaper deliveries or have packages left at your door, find a neighbor to collect them when you are gone.  Even when you’re around, it’s best to keep all gates, doors and garages locked.  Keep ground-floor windows closed and locked.

Put On Your Walking Shoes.  Taking a stroll around your association isn’t just good exercise.  You can casually patrol your neighborhood for anything suspicious or usual, and swap notes about local criminal activity with neighbors.  Residents who walk around the neighborhood – maintaining a presence – deter casual troublemakers.

Clean It Up.  Send the message that this neighborhood is home to respectable people by keeping it neat and clean.  Put away your trash cans, pick up litter, and remove graffiti immediately.  Make sure your front yard is well maintained and overgrown shrubbery doesn’t provide hiding places.  This helps discourage troublemakers and vagrants.

See Something, Say Something.  If you notice suspicious activity or suspect you’ve witnessed a crime, regardless of how small the incident may seem, report it to the  police on the non-emergency line (program it into your phone now).  You can find all local police numbers in your city on MGM’s website.  Only call 911 for real emergencies where life or property is threatened.

We all have a responsibility to our community to help keep it safe, and incorporating a few of these tips can go a long way. 

MGM has been working to keep associations safe for over 20 years, and they have seen their share of crime.   Most associations and homeowners take the necessary actions to safeguard their home; however, being diligent and prepared are good behaviors to instill in your community’s culture.  If you have a situation that seems to be questionable or needs attention, contact MGM immediately at (208) 846-9189 or visit https://www.gomgm.com.