Southern Idaho’s #1 Home Builder Signs With MGM

Idaho Falls, Idaho (January 2, 2016): Mike Madson,president of MGM Association Management, announced today, that MGM and Rockwell Homes have signed an agreement to provide HOA accounting and bookkeeping services to their Brookstone Estates, Woodland Hills, Green Valley Estates and Red Rock subdivisions.

MGM is an Idaho-based company that has proudly served homeowner associations throughout the State for the past two decades. With over 100 HOAs, MGM provides their homeowners and board members accessibility and transparency to their HOA financial records. MGM specializes in HOA accounting services, collections, actively engages communities and provides basic financial to comprehensive, full-service management programs.

Rockwell Homes is a fourth generation builder and southwest Idaho’s number one premier builder. For the past 7 years, Rockwell Homes has won the Builder’s Choice award; an award voted on by local builders in the area. Rockwell brings tremendous value to its communities by strategically developing each subdivision’s infrastructure and amenities, engaging each client into the entire design process with in-house designer, so that each home is customized to the specifications of every home buyer.

Greg Hansen, Vice President of Rockwell Homes said, “We are extremely excited to work with MGM, as they provide HOA specific accounting for our subdivisions and the necessary support and assistance our homeowners seek. MGM will allow us more time to focus on positive, forward thinking issues that will help our subdivisions thrive.”

According to MGM’spresident, Mike Madson, “We are honored to partner with Rockwell Homes to provide their homeowners a quality HOA experience. We have discovered that today’s homeowners want to know and to access their HOA’s financial records to better understand where their dues are going. Because of the transparency and accessibility, our homeowners are more engaged in their neighborhoods. Together, we help our communities create a thriving association that preserves property values and neighborhoods worth buying into.”

The key feature to MGM’s success has been an interactive Internet program specific to each HOA. The program incorporates the Internet and links an HOA’s financial information, so that all homeowners and the board can access their information in ‘real time’ data from any mobile device; anywhere in the world. Homeowners can pay their dues online; receive newsletters or correspondence about upcoming events or instant text notifications regarding late payments or access to their CC&Rs. HOA online management is a growing trend, because of the Internet, which allows a homeowner instant, transparent and quicker access to HOA information.

MGM manages shared common interest developments such as subdivisions, business complexes, neighborhoods, townhouses, condominiums and homeowner associations.

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