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Since 1999, Mike has been creating relationships with associations across the State of Idaho while directing correspondence with homeowners and Board members alike. The mission at MGM is to provide the opportunity to all associations to receive the services from the most trusted management team around. Sales and relationship building through great service are very important to the longevity of MGM.  As MGM has grown, and as more HOAs choose MGM, he has created services that appeal to a wide range of clients.  Mike has been able to help a greater number of associations turning around their association to be successful.

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HOA Plan Comparison

“Before MGM, the Willow Creek HOA had serious trouble collecting dues and enforcing covenants. Board members were becoming overworked and burned out. MGM took over the day to day activities of accounting, collections and covenant enforcement significantly reducing the amount of work required by board members. MGM provides a monthly packet of all their work for the board members to review and make any changes. In simple terms, the board members become a ship captain and MGM provides the crew. MGM has made being a board member very simple, which makes it easier to find volunteers to serve.”

Willow Creek HOA Board Members
Board Member, Willow Creek