Take the Hassle Out of Collecting HOA Dues

Collecting HOA dues shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. Homeowners are bound by law to adhere to their subdivision’s covenants. This includes assessments required by the association to manage any operating expenses.  Because the maintenance of its common areas requires someone to manage it, sharing in its payment is necessary.  There are no exceptions not to pay, if you own property in this association, you are legally required to share in this expense.
MGM Management is hosting a free Zoom seminar on Tuesday, November 10th at 4:30 pm, MST.  November’s topic will cover implementing positive strategies to achieve 100% collections from your homeowner’s association. This is an ongoing seminar that occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  This seminar is ideal for HOA Board members and they will learn effective management strategies on how to communicate with homeowners, so that you can manage and govern with less effort. If you are a HOA Board member and you are seeking to gain insight and knowledge into effective collection strategies that result in better engagement, this training is designed specifically for you.
We’ll cover how to enforce your HOA to create a positive cash flow that increases involvement and engagement in HOA activities, as well as to dispel the myths commonly associated with HOAs. The seminar also address a Board member’s expectation on governing a common interest community. Homeowners are largely misinformed and disenchanted with their HOA, and many Board members lack the skills to effectively govern and engage their community.
With over 21 years of management experience to draw upon, participants will learn the necessary skills to create thriving neighborhoods. 
To attend this informative seminar, log into Zoom:  http://zoom.us/j/89025604444
For more information, contact MGM Association Management at (208) 846-9189 or go to www.gomgm.com.