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“Before MGM, the Willow Creek HOA had serious trouble collecting dues and enforcing covenants. Board members were becoming overworked and burned out. MGM took over the day to day activities of accounting, collections and covenant enforcement significantly reducing the amount of work required by board members. MGM provides a monthly packet of all their work for the board members to review and make any changes. In simple terms, the board members become a ship captain and MGM provides the crew. MGM has made being a board member very simple, which makes it easier to find volunteers to serve.”

Willow Creek HOA Board Members
Board Member, Willow Creek

“Thank you for 10 years of great service. You have been there for so many challenges for our subdivision, Candlestick Park. You always stand behind and stick up for our small subdivision. We are grateful for your dedication and die hard attitude as well as your steadfast support.”

“Here is to many more years to come.”

Samantha Nelson
Board Member, Candlestick Park

“Over the years that I have been working with you, we have seen MGM Association Management grow and prosper. We have opened numerous accounts, you have patiently stuck with us through policy changes, and we have enjoyed being there to support you through the good, the bad and a few of your more unique clients. We’ve gotten to know you and your staff, who are all wonderful people. It’s always a pleasure to help you and I feel lucky to count you as my client and friend. Thank you for always being good-natured and quick to smile. Congratulations on creating such a great business!”

Leigh-Ann Monroe
, US Bank

“I am honored to know and work with a great company like MGM. It has been exciting to watch this company start from on subdivision to the 30+ subdivisions now. Knowing Mike Madson, professionally and personally, is a great honor. To see what Mike along with his family and employees, has accomplished over the past ten years is truly amazing.”

“Working with MGM over the last decade has been an adventure that I would not trade. Companies have come and gone and it is nice to see a company that truly has honesty and integrity as it top priority. I appreciate the personal service that Mike and staff provide to contractors and homeowners. I have personally witnessed how MGM builds personal relationships with their customers. I am looking forward to working with MGM for another ten years or more. Thanks again, and congratulations, Mike and Family for providing ten years of excellent service.”

Frank Engelbrecht
Service Manager, Caron Pump Co.

“Mike and his staff have continued to provide the services we expect. Mike would never admit it, but there are many times when he goes above and beyond what we’re paying for, or what we ask for. We’re careful not to abuse Mike’s generosity, but I find it reassuring that I know Mike rarely says no to a request we have from the HOA.”

“Moving forward, I’m so confident in MGM’s services, I pushed at our last Board meeting to renew an extended contract with MGM even though we’re not set to expire until next year. I have high admiration and respect for Mike and his staff at MGM.”

“I look forward to continue our relationship – keep up the great work!’

Troy Van
Board Member, Houten Millcreek

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