Welcome Hayfield HOA!

Mike Madson, president of MGM Association Management, announced today, that Hayfield Homeowners Association located in Kuna, Idaho has signed an agreement with MGM to provide full management services.  MGM specializes in HOA management and provides basic accounting services to full, customized management services.

Hayfield HOA is a well established development located in Kuna, Idaho.  Hayfield is a community with 90 single family residences offering shared common areas, excellent outdoor fishing and hiking, and close access to Indian Creek.  A spokesperson for Hayfield said, “We are very excited to work with MGM Association Management, as they will provide the necessary leadership and management support to our board.  MGM will allow us more time to focus on issues that will help this subdivision thrive.”

According to MGM’s president, Mike Madson, “We are extremely pleased to welcome Hayfield into our family.  For over two decades, we will continue to focus on providing seamless and cost-effective accounting services, expertise on cost containment, and subdivision maintenance.  Our expertise will allow Hayfield’s Board members to concentrate on more relevant issues regarding property valuation and maintenance of their communities.  They will spend less time on balancing books and chasing homeowner dues, and spend more time bringing their neighborhood together.”

MGM Association Management is a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI) and the largest HOA management service in the State of Idaho.  Proudly serving for two decades, MGM differentiates itself by providing streamlined accounting services to the full management oversight of common interest developments such as subdivisions, neighborhoods, townhouses, condominiums and homeowner associations.

MGM Association Management has integrated the Internet into their service, and can provide a suite of online tools that has shown to engage communication between Board members and homeowners.  Homeowners can pay their dues; receive HOA newsletters or correspondence about upcoming HOA events; or instant email notifications regarding late payment or access to their CC&Rs.  HOA online management is a growing trend which allows their clients instant, transparent and quicker access to HOA information.

For more information regarding HOA management services, call MGM Association Management at (208) 846-9189 or visit https://www.gomgm.com.