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There is an undeveloped common lot owned by the HOA adjacent to our home.  They really don’t like to take care of it and it is a struggle each year to get them to mow the weeds before July 4th.  Anyway,  last fall the vacant property behind our home started the process of developing which stirred up over 4 acres of gophers. The owner of the developing property is amazing and got a deal for those of us next to his property on gopher removal, he paid 50%. Super nice guy.  The HOA sent an email out to everyone telling them of his generosity, making all 46 homeowners call for the deal.  Well that fell flat for all but three of us in our Sub and a lot of people in Bristol Heights.  So last November we emailed the HOA and asked that they get the deal for the common vacant lot which was full of gophers that had relocated to the common area.  No response.  We emailed in January and attached photos as there were so many mounds next to our fence it was scary.  No response.  I thought maybe they don’t like me, understandable, so Fred emailed in February when the mounds had doubled next to our fence, including more photos.  No response.  In March I called the company that does our finances, he used to do everything for us but they decided the Board would take over all but the $$.  I asked him if we had a board and he said yes and named off 4 people, only one that was on the board 2 years ago was still on and we haven’t heard anything about new people since.  So I told him about what was going on and that I was going to arrange the treatment of the area next to our house and pay for it as it is cheaper than the damage we would suffer.  He agreed he would do the same so I had the guy come out and he almost fainted and said, the gophers had had lots of babies over the winter.  He then said a guy named Ralph, who I had learned is on the board, had called twice but could not tell them where the treatment was needed so the conversation ended.  The gopher guy is super cool and wrote me a receipt for the common area and told me to try to get my $$ back.  2 days later we got an email from the HOA telling us the HOA had approved our request and had arranged for the treatment and it should have already happened.  I think they say gopher guy in the field that day.  I emailed them the timeline of what had transpired and let them know the caller was unable to identify where treatment was needed, this is a super small HOA mind you! I guess they thought we were lying so they called the gopher people who confirmed my story.  I sent a request for reimbursement to the finance guy and copied the HOA email.  Now they are having a big meeting to decide if they will pay us back or not.  And we are invited if we want.  I would no more go to a meeting with these people than I don’t know what.  If we went Fred would end up in Ada County in an Orange Jumpsuit! He would blow his stack! So the moral of the story is, don’t let people that are senile make phone calls on behalf of an HOA – Hire MGM Management!!!!