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Basic Service Plan includes our HOA online management software program and provides a cost-effective solution for those subdivisions who want to continue to self-manage.

Our DIY HOA Accounting program is a progressive, online, program that allows HOAs to remain independent and provides a cost-effective solution for those subdivisions who want to continue to self-manage without involving a manager or a bookkeeper.

This web-based program is a stand-alone financial package that allows both homeowners and Board members access to their private accounts from any mobile device or desktop, 24/7. This program was written specifically for HOAs, saves the Board time, increases transparency and allows immediate access to relevant HOA documents.


Homeowner association Board members volunteer their time and do not have all the necessary resources to properly respond to your association’s accounting needs or issues.  A tremendous amount of their time is devoted to chasing dues, managing HOA financials and attempting to govern through an archaic process.  Because of this, their leadership is diverted from influencing your association’s culture.  On the other hand, because of the Internet, members of the association are savvier and expect more transparency.  This is why the DIY HOA Accounting program makes sense.  It is intended to keep membership assessments down, ensure financial stability and increase an association’s community intelligence.


  • The DIY HOA accounting software automates all the HOA’s account payables and receivables and provides the Board all the necessary tools to communicate with their membership and to keep their HOA running smoothly.
  • This online program is completely web-based and requires no updating or licensing renewals, and is personalized to each HOA
  • Each property is provided a secure, private account to access their balances or submit architectural requests, and contains the industry’s strongest firewalls to prevent outside hacking
  • The program is automatically backed-up on multiple servers to guarantee no loss in data
  • Data is recorded as it is collected, protected by the FDIC, and accessible in real-time, 24/7, from any mobile device or desktop. Board members can instantaneously address requests directly from their smartphones.
  • This program provides Board members special permissions to control what documents to share with their membership, i.e., CC&Rs, architectural request forms, social calendars, or any file extension.


By using the DIY HOA Accounting program, the heavy lifting that is normally performed by your unpaid Board members is eliminated. This simple change allows them to focus their leadership on more relevant issues that impact their communities.  There is overwhelming evidence that a positive association culture results in an overwhelming degree of higher compliance rates, less need for collection processes, and a decrease in your subdivision’s exposure to financial liability.  This is how the association should work and the way it was designed to work.  The DIY HOA Accounting program is the key.

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“Before MGM, the Willow Creek HOA had serious trouble collecting dues and enforcing covenants. Board members were becoming overworked and burned out. MGM took over the day to day activities of accounting, collections and covenant enforcement significantly reducing the amount of work required by board members. MGM provides a monthly packet of all their work for the board members to review and make any changes. In simple terms, the board members become a ship captain and MGM provides the crew. MGM has made being a board member very simple, which makes it easier to find volunteers to serve.”

Willow Creek HOA Board Members
Board Member, Willow Creek

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