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Premium Service Plan is our complete full service HOA Management plan. HOA Management

Here are four reasons why working with an association management company is a benefit to
your community:

1. Simplicity. MGM will handle the paperwork and the processes of enforcing
subdivision rules, regulations and complaints. For a community that requires a lot of direction
or support, this alone can be a full time commitment.

2. Knowledge. MGM knows the legal limits of HOA CC&Rs, and can
provide neutral counsel when community members disagree with each other or with the HOA
board. Having a neutral, third party entity to mediate discussions between homeowners and
the board allows for more effective resolution and diverts hostilities away from neighbors.

3. Expertise. MGM providing association support and management services, not a widget. MGM will guide the Board through the difficult situations, assist owners in getting information to the board.  MGM helps guide through selecting and negotiations with vendors for HOA maintenance, working with Title Companies, and numerous other challenges HOA boards can face.

4. Communication. MGM Management provides a single point of contact for
neighborhood events, including complaints, requests for construction/renovation approval,
requests for exemptions or changes to bylaws, or ideas for improvements in the community.

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Homeowner association board members volunteer their time and do not have all the necessary resources to properly respond to your association needs or issues.  That is why MGM actively partners with associations who want to keep their membership dues down, ensure financial stability and reduce a board member’s and your membership’s exposure to risk.


MGM provides the Board all the necessary tools to keep an HOA running smoothly. MGM takes on a partnership, not a controlling role, with each subdivision to support and make the neighborhood a better place to live.

Premium Service Plan is our complete full service plan. This plan includes enforcement of a subdivision’s covenants, handles all violation procedures, onsite inspections, newsletters, subdivision specific website, 24 irrigation emergency service and much more.


MGM Association Management prides itself on being the expert in the industry, bringing nearly two decades of HOA experience and accountability to the Board of Directors, as the Board makes all the decisions for their association. MGM stands behind the Board and their decisions resulting in a higher rate of compliance, a higher rate of HOA dues collection, a decrease in your subdivision’s exposure to liability, and a higher rate of recovering any and all outstanding debts, which allows the association to work the way it was designed to work.

to be involved in the job instead of feeling like they had been made redundant by technology.

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“Before MGM, the Willow Creek HOA had serious trouble collecting dues and enforcing covenants. Board members were becoming overworked and burned out. MGM took over the day to day activities of accounting, collections and covenant enforcement significantly reducing the amount of work required by board members. MGM provides a monthly packet of all their work for the board members to review and make any changes. In simple terms, the board members become a ship captain and MGM provides the crew. MGM has made being a board member very simple, which makes it easier to find volunteers to serve.”

Willow Creek HOA Board Members
Board Member, Willow Creek

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