HOA Management

Elevate Your Community Experience

With MGM, you can expect clear communication, prompt execution, and a commitment to continual improvement for your community.

Serving Multiple Stakeholders.

MGM Association Management serves diverse stakeholders,
ensuring seamless operations and community satisfaction.

Choose The Right Plan

Full Service Management
Providing all-encompassing solutions, including financial management, compliance, and vendor oversight, ensuring seamless operations and homeowner satisfaction.
Financials-Only Management
Our budget-friendly financial-only plan offers essential financial management services tailored for limited budgets, ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency.

“MGM is very consistent and always willing to help the homeowners with any questions or concerns that come up.” - Google Review

Brian Acosta, Sydney
Response Times

We Hold Ourselves
To Industry-Best Standards

8 Hrs.
Email Response Time
On average, we respond to emails within 8 hours or less
1 Hr.
Text Message Response Time
We offer a text messaging service that get responses within one hour.
12 Hrs.
Call-Back Response Time
Instead of playing phone tag, we offer same-day scheduled calls.
Customer Quotes

Take a Look at our Customer Reviews.

“Thanks to MGM it didnt take long to get us where we should be as a community. MGM is easy to work with, and only have YOU the clients best interest in mind."
Linda Harrison
“If your HOA is looking for a new company... I highly recommend MGM. You can't and won't go wrong with MGM as your partners with your HOA team.”
Thomas Watson
“They are proactive and attentive to all of the little details and I so appreciate how they listen to my needs. I highly recommend MGM Association Management!”
Rebecca Lehman
“Our HOA left a property management company and picked up MGM. They immediately set us at ease, laid out a plan and made us feel valued.”
Michael Harry

Reports & Dashboards Create Transparency

Budget Summary

MGM ensures transparency by providing monthly budget reports to board members and homeowners, tracking actual vs. projected expenses.

Any significant variances come with a summary letter, empowering informed decisions and fostering desired transparency.

Spending Reports

Each month, board members and homeowners can access copies of all invoices paid by MGM for the HOA. This transparent paper trail fosters trust, facilitates auditing, and ensures accountability.
For Board Members

Delinquency Reports

MGM provides monthly delinquency report summaries to aid the board in managing finances effectively, identifying overdue accounts, and strategizing timely actions.

Due to privacy considerations, these reports are exclusively accessible to active board members.
For Board Members

Compliance Reports

Each month, MGM will send a Compliance Report to all board members. This report simplifies the process for board members to oversee compliance violations and enact executive decisions.

Making compliance enforcement easy for the board fosters cleanliness, increased compliance, and fair treatment within communities.

Pending Tasks

MGM offers a real-time dashboard showcasing in-progress tasks, empowering board members to monitor service timeliness. This transparency reassures community members that issues are promptly addressed.

Board members can also select task visibility, choosing between community-wide or board-only access for enhanced control and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions